1978, The NSI meet at Trivandrum: It was in 1978, when a proposal to form a state chapter came up at the annual conference of the Neurological Society of India. At the general body meeting at Kovalam Beach, Dr Subba Rao, the present Editor sought the opinion of the NSI and proposed forming state chapters. Dr Banerjee.A.K of Delhi said the idea is left to the members in each area and the society cannot or need not accept or reject the proposal. While the states like AP and Madras have sufficient members to form a state unit, there are many who hardly have enough to form a unit, he said.

1985, Neuro Science club, Guntur: Dr Subba Rao again made an attempt. A Neuro Sciences Club, Guntur was formed in 1980. It was regularly holding its meetings at Guntur with Prof. A. Shankar Rao, Professor of Psychiatry, as its president and Dr Subba Rao, Prof of Neuro Surgery functioning as its secretary. They invited all the Neurologists and Neurosurgeons of the Andhra Pradesh to Guntur on 21st April, 1985 and held a scientific meeting. Dr B Dayananda Rao, Professor of Neuro Surgery inaugurated the one day meet and spoke on Knowledge and Immortality. Five Neurologists, 11 Neurosurgeons, six Psychiatrists, 25 Physicians, 6 Pediatricians, five Ophthalmologists and about 30 others participated in this meet. Dr.V. Bala Subrahmanyam of Chennai spoke on role of surgery in Stroke and Dr. K V R Sastry from Bangalore spoke on the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and 13 free papers were presented in that meeting.

The proposal to start APNS:

It was at this meet at Guntur a resolution was signed proposing the formation of A P Neurosciences Society. (APNS). And Dr Subba Rao requested that some one should hold a meet of this nature in the coming year to continue the society. Alas! That did not happen for quite some time.

1993, The NSI conference, Chennai,: The NSI conference at Chennai in 1993 saw another attempt. Drs Dibbala Rao of Visakhapatnam and Dr Madhusudhana Reddy of Chennai got together all the delegates from Andhra Pradesh who attended the NSI meet at Chennai and the proposal of forming an A P State unit was renewed and Dr Dibbala Rao rightly took it upon himself to invite all to Visakhapatnam the following summer to take another step in that direction.

1994, The first APNS meet. Visakhapatnam: On the 18th and 19th of June, 1994, Visakhapatnam became the destination of many for a scientific meet organized with Dr. K V Chalapathi Rao as president and Drs B Dibbala Rao and K Venkateswarlu as organizing secretary and treasurer. A number of papers were presented and a meeting was held exclusively to discuss the formation of the state unit at the Chittivalasa jute mill guest house, Bhamilipatnam. The members unanimously decided to start the AP State Unit.

Birth of APNSA:

After a long period of uncertainty, and repeated attempts and a delay of almost 16 years from the concept, the birth of APNSA occurred at a sea side resort, Bhimilipatnam, Visakhapatnam on the 18th of June, 1994 with a fond hope and a sliver of doubt as to the future. It was christened “Andhra Pradesh Neuro Scientists Association”(APNSA). The organizing committee of the Visakhapatnam meet were chosen as the adhoc executive of the APNSA with Dr. K..V. Chalapathi Rao, as the President and Dr Subba Rao and Dr.Dibbala Rao as the Secretary and the Treasurer. Dr B Muralidhar invited all to Gandhi Medical College, Secunderabad for the year, 1995. Dr Subba Rao was entrusted the job of preparing a constitution for the society and present it at the general body meet at Secunderabad for its adoption.