1. Maintain books, list of members, record all activities of the association.

2. Minutes book for the EC and GB meetings with signatures of the members present.

3. Call for meetings: EC GB Three months advance intimation to EC GB Members -venue, date, time, Agenda.

4.Call for nominations for elections to E C– three months in advance
maintain minutes books of GB & EC meetings, get their approval in GB.

Send newsletters/Bulletins at least three in an year.

5. After annual meet (August) covering events of the meet, include minutes of GB, list of new office Bearers, list of new members, dues of members, change of addresses.

6. Midway in year (Jan -Feb) intimating events of next conference, announcing elections, dates of EC GB meetings, calling for papers, resolutions for discussion in GB/EC, SVIMS AWARD PAPERS.


July – Annual Conference.

Aug – Send the First News Letter:
Minutes of EC & GB meetings, venue of next meeting, Copy of accounts.

Nov / Dec – Notice for EC meeting at venue of next meet finalize guest
speakers, Orators etc.,

Jan / Feb – Letters to Speakers
2nd News Letter
Minutes of 2nd EC Meeting
Call for papers
Call for any resolutions for GB
Notice for elections
SVIMS award papers
Any other matter

Mar/April – Notice for GB meeting during conference sending ballot
Papers Prepare agenda for EC & GB meetings.
Address bankers for interest on deposits / SVIMS / Address letters to Donors Dr.S.V.Adinarayana Rao for Dr.SBP Rao Symposium.
June ¬– Finalize all documents for conference Accounts / Balance


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