Members- categories and eligibility

There shall three categories of members: Honorary, Life and Associate members They shall ordinarily be residents of Andhra Pradesh. However any non residents who are basically from Andhra, residing in other states or country may be taken as members at the discretion of the executive committee. a. Honorary membership is given to those distinguished in the specialty and such a member is invited by the association by a resolution in the E.C /General Body. This category is to get into our society very senior specialists who always encouraged the APNSA and its progress b. Honorary members shall have all the privileges of the members. However they shall have no voting right and cannot become office bearers. They are exempted from paying subscription . c. Life members shall be: i. Those in full time practice of any branch of neurological sciences for a period of more than three years. ii. Those who posses post graduate degree or diploma in any branch of neurological sciences iii. Those with post graduate degree of M.D, M.S, Ph.D or DNB or its equivalent with special training or experience in any branch of neurological science this membership is restricted to those in allied neurosciences) d. Associate members shall be i. Those who have evinced keen interest in any discipline of neurological sciences and not eligible to become its members ii. Registered post graduate students persuing their academic activities in the specialty of neurosciences iii. Those associate members shall have all previleges of life members except voting rights and becoming office bearers iv. Application for membership shall be proposed by life members only. The application will be screened and the authority to admit new members will be with the executive council.

APNSA List of life of Members